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How to Menu Plan

November 5, 2012 1 comment

How to Menu Plan

Last week I shared some great websites that have gluten free menu plans, I thought this week I would share how to menu plan. I actually thought I had done this ages ago but when I went looking for it I couldn’t find anything! Whoops silly me, I shall rectify that now.

How I Menu Plan

I actually like doing weekly menu plans. I have tried monthly before but it just didn’t work for me. That’s half the battle and fun is finding what works for you.

I love recipe books, cook books, recipe magazines, recipe websites, blogs and cooking shows. I draw inspiration from all of these and often have recipes pinned, bookmarked, clipped in evernote and torn from magazines and popped into a file.

Then every week when it’s time to menu plan, I pop onto one of these sites or delve into one of the books and find inspiration for the week. If I find more inspiration than days I will list them in my diary for the next week to try them then.

I pop the meals into my diary and then write a shopping list. Most if not all of my meals have to be easily prepared as during the week is always busy for us.

Here are some other tips:

  • always have one night spare for leftovers, or get your own, or take away
  • consider slow cooker meals all year round. They are soo simple to put on and during summer they can let you avoid the heat of the oven being on
  • if you are struggling for ideas, consider letting the kids pick a meal. My eldest loves picking one meal a week and the added bonus is he’ll eat it as it was his choice

Gluten Free Menu Planning

Of course I have the added bonus of figuring out gluten free meals for me. I think it is quite easy making meals gluten free. Often it is swapping out ingredients to make sure I have me friendly ones.

Examples of easily swapped ingredients

  • Stock – I use massell stock powder to make up my own.
  • Tortilla’s – I use corn tortillas
  • Pasta – gluten free pasta is easily found in the health food section, I like pretty much any of them
  • Pasta Sauce – either I make my own or use a gluten free friendly one – check labels
  • Flour – quite simple, I use a gluten free flour
  • Oats – ah I have yet to find an actual swap for this so I tend to avoid recipes that have oats in them
  • Breadcrumbs – I use a variety of things here, depending on what I have on hand, I’ll use gluten free breadcrumbs, or rice crumbs or even crushed up gluten free chips. I have used polenta and quniona.

As I usually blog my menu plans I can easily look back on what we have had, I also mark them in my diary but there are many many free printables around that you can use and keep them in a folder. You’ll notice that many of these have space for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner which some people do. I don’t but it’s all what works for you.

Here are some of my favourites:

Do you menu plan? Does it help you?

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My Weekly Meal Plan with Gluten Free Meal Ideas

March 5, 2012 1 comment

Autumn time here in Melbourne town. Which means it’s March. Which means it’s Easter next month. Crazy!

Weekly Menu Plan

Monday – Pumpkin Soup and Toasted Gluten Free Sandwiches  – school meeting tonight so early and simple dinner required

Tuesday –  Chicken Noodle Nests – a request from Little Man – I’ll use rice noodles instead of hokkien noodles for me though (as well as just vegies) to make it gluten free

Wednesday – Taco’s – request from Tiniest Man (he bought the shells out to me when I was cooking dinner tonight, very cute)

ThursdayRachael Ray’s Vegetable Curry – ensure stock, mango chutney and curry paste are gluten free and son’t serve with naan bread

FridayZucchini and Pasta Slice – this is a lunch idea from Planning with Kids but I am so making this a dinner by adding gluten free garlic bread and a salad. I am using gluten free pasta in the slice to make it gluten free.

SaturdayGluten Free Vegetarian Bean Burgers

Sunday – Simple Supper Night

Linking up to Org Junkie for Menu Plan Monday

Have a great week!


Weekly Menu Plan with Gluten Free Meal Ideas

February 27, 2012 1 comment

Hello friends, I hope the weekend treated you kindly. Here is was stinking hot but thankfully that has eased and now we are dealing with thunderstorms and rain.

Weekly Menu Plan

Monday – Red Bean Pasta Sauce with Gluten Free Pasta

TuesdayGluten Free Tuna and Potato Bake with steamed veg

Wednesday – Gluten Free Crumbed Chicken Breast with chips and salad

Thursday – Gluten Free Roasted Vegetable Lasagne


SaturdayGluten Free Tuna Rice Based Quiche

Sunday – Simple Supper Night

Linking up with Org Junkie and Menu Plan Monday

Have a great week


Weekly Meal Plan – with Gluten Free Ideas

February 14, 2012 Comments off

It is birthday week in our house this week. My gorgeous Little Man turns 7 on Friday.

Weekly Menu Plan

Monday – Burritos – use corn tortillas to make gluten free

TuesdayGluten Free Tuna and Potato Bake

Wednesday – ‘Chicken on a Stick’ – pieces of chicken marinated in BBQ sauce and grilled. Serve with rice and stirfry veg.

ThursdayGluten Free Pan Fried Fish

Friday – its a special Little Man’s birthday! He gets to choose dinner of his choice

Saturday – its celebration time at a special Little Man’s party

Sunday – Simple Supper Night

Linking up to Org Junkie for Menu Plan Monday

Have a wonderful week


Menu Plan Monday – with Gluten Free Meal Ideas

February 6, 2012 1 comment

Happy Monday everyone, I hope all are well.

I have almost got my cooking mojo back and will hopefully be sharing some new recipes with you soon. In the meantime, here is our weekly menu plan.

MondayRissoles with Sweet Potato Mash – easily made gluten free by using gluten free breadcrumbs

Tuesday – Bean and Rice Tortillas – using gluten free corn tortillas

WednesdaySalmon and Ricotta Pasta – using gluten free pasta

ThursdayGluten Free Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken with rice

FridayGluten Free Tuna Rice Based Quiche with salad

Saturday – Omelettes with home made wedges

Sunday – Simple Supper Night

I am linking with Org Junkie and Menu Plan Monday.

Have a wonderful week!


My Weekly Meal Plan with Gluten Free Meal Ideas

January 30, 2012 4 comments

Only 4 more days until the end of school holidays! Am I ready? Um not quite but I will be by then. Little Man will start Grade 1, which is the 2nd year of school here.

Weekly Menu Plan

Monday – Sausages with Gluten Free Vegetable Bake 

Tuesday – Gluten Free Baked Chicken with Tomato Sauce with Steamed Vegies

Wednesday – Gluten Free Vegie version of Mexibake – using red kidney beans and gluten free pasta sauce

ThursdayTuna Patties – easily gluten free with a big yummy crunchy salad

Friday – First day back at school so Little Man’s favourite tonight – Homemade Ham and Cheese Pizza

Saturday – Omelette with salad

Sunday – Simple Supper Night

Linking up with Org Junkie and Menu Plan Monday.

Have a great week


Weekly Menu Plan with Gluten Free Ideas

January 23, 2012 4 comments

How is 2012 treating you so far? It doesn’t look that much different than 2011 for me as yet but as they say, the year is only young.

My Weekly Menu Plan

Monday – Yummy Fried Rice – made with gluten free tamari sauce

Tuesday – Spaghetti Bolognese for the boys and Red Lentil Bolognese for me and yes why it is gluten free – how did you know?

WednesdayTuna Loaf – made with gluten free breadcrumbs with salad

ThursdayVegetable Curry – Rachael Ray’s recipe with rice – made gluten free with the right stock and curry paste.

Friday – Taco’s

Saturday – BBQ time again! I will make Mexican Layered Dip and Spicy Potato and Chickpea Salad

Sunday – Simple Supper Night

Linking up to Org Junkie for Menu Plan Monday

Have a great week!



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