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The Week That Was 22nd June 2013

June 21, 2013 2 comments

Well this week wasn’t the best as my youngest was sick for most of it. I decided to stay home except for school drop offs and pick ups (can’t avoid those)

Coles Gluten Free

You may have already seen this photo if you read my Weekly Gluten Free Supermarket Specials posts as I snuck it in there. There are Coles Gluten Free products on shelves! I tried the Ancient Grain Chips and they were very yummy. I look forward to continue trying the new products as the weeks progress.

Exercise Try OutMy oldest boy and I were out checking out some gym equipment, this one would have to be one of my favourites from my gym days.

Cold Weather

We had our first couple of frosty mornings. As you can see, it’s a cold few days! I tried to take a photo of the fog but it didn’t work out.

PeakabooSo what do you do when it’s 1 degree? Play Peakaboo through the car window with your big brother.

Peakaboo 2


Fluffy CloudsThe good thing about some cold frosty foggy mornings, it usually means lovely blue skies with fluffy white clouds by the afternoon – although it’s still cold


Before youngest got sick we popped into the shops and the toys are invading the department store. The best part was my boys were only interested in these $1 dinosaur masks. We did buy them and they have had lots of fun with them.

Revenge Wears Prada

Who else loved Devil Wears Prada? I love the movie too and always watch when it’s on tv, cannot help myself. Then I found out there is a new sequel! Just picked this up from the library and it’s good and ah… a little surprising.

Disney Photo Pass

And today in the mail, this came. The Disney Photo Pass+. It’s getting closer!

How was your week?

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Listmania: My Ideal Day

June 17, 2013 10 comments

This weeks prompt with Listmania over at Home Life Simplified is to describe my ideal day. Gosh I could have a lot of fun with this one.

For example: if it was a fantasy day then it would have to be one where I could eat whatever I wanted with no consequence. Or get lots of money somehow. Or have the world’s biggest sleep in.

But then I thought about our upcoming holiday and realised that I will most likely be having my ideal day/s very soon.

Some holiday’s are just stuff you do at home except in a different location. Our American holiday last year wasn’t. Sure we did a little grocery shopping and laundry but to me that was fun. Because we were in New York City doing it!

This year, in 5 short weeks in fact, we will be heading back to America for a holiday and my ideal day/s will happen.

Fun with my 2 boys and hubby in Disneyland and then in New York City.

I cannot think of anything better.

Top of the Rock

Admiring the view from ‘Top of the Rock’. See the Empire State Building in the background there?

UWS walking

Walking the streets of Upper West Side. Love the brownstones.

walking central park

Walking in Central Park

The Week That Was 6th June 2013

June 7, 2013 3 comments

It wasn’t a particularly interesting week but thought I’d share my photos anyway.

Cobani and GF Museli

I have discovered a new breakfast, Gluten Free Nutty Museli (fruit free) and Chobani yoghurt. Very yummy.

Cookie Jar

A gift from the school for helping out with the Cadbury fundraiser. Its a cookie jar and it came with Roses chocolates which hubby ate.

Entertainment Book

A new fundraiser at the school is an Entertainment Book. Have you seen these? I’ve had them before and think they are a great idea. This years is so thick.

Sundried Tom Muffins

I made the Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies Sundried Tomato and Spinach Muffins whic youngest boy and I shared for lunch a couple of days this week, very yummy.

GF Hot Chips

We rarely go out for coffee and milkshakes as a family but we did last week and we went to a gluten free cafe and I had hot chips. So very exciting – its the little things.

GF Vanilla SliceAnd to top it off, the best gluten free vanilla slice ever. Oh my this was so good.


Eldest boy had a puppet making class at school this week – introducing Mr Microphone

Rachael Ray

I am also very happy Rachael Ray is back on Australian tv. Her show ‘Week in a Day’ is a cooking show (not her everyday chat show) but something is better than nothing. Here the show is on Lifestyle Food (Foxtel) everyday at 12.30pm

Wet Pick Up DayThis is looking out the windscreen at school pick up today. I am parked and getting ready to face the rain.

RainbowThis is a gorgeous rainbow we had one morning. I took this out by back door with the phone and there are no filters. It was huge!

How was your week?

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Listmania: Day In My Life 31st May 2013

June 4, 2013 14 comments

I am back on the Listmania bandwagon this week, which happens to be ‘Day In Your Life’. This has been done already earlier this year but it’s good to do it again every few months. My last one was February 12th 2013. This is was last Friday 31st May 2013.


A good start to the day, I forgot I was going to do it despite being up for an hour before I took this screen shot.


So it’s coffee time, need this.

Disney Countdown

A quick check of the USA countdown, it’s getting closer…yay!


Both boys are up at 6.15  – I know insane right? My eldest hates the thought of sleeping in and being late for school so he is always up early. I make his lunch (I don’t mind doing it actually) and realise for the 2nd second time ever since making his lunches that we have no bread. On today the day I choose to document. Oh well it’s real life isn’t it?

Canteen Menu

So he checks out the canteen menu and decides on Ham and Cheese Toasted Sandwiches. He takes snacks from home.

HomeworkBig boy is finished breakfast, brushed teeth and dressed. He checks his homework which is due today.

Reading OctonautsLittle boy has had breakfast but he is dragging his feet on getting dressed…. reading Octonauts book is more important…

Drawing a Banana… and drawing a banana…

Reading and big boy moves onto reading

Dricks and Snack BagI get snacks and drinks ready for my youngest and I. We are off grocery shopping after school drop off. A bag of snacks is a huge help in making the grocery shopping an easier task.

Off to Schoolbut I get youngest little man into gear and we are off to school in no time. Nice and sunny despite it having rain overnight.

Shopping CentreWe park the car and off to Aldi first

Aldi ChocolateWe spot new chocolate at Aldi, they seem to be gluten free by ingredient so of course I had to buy one of each flavour, I am yet to try them but hope they’ll be ok.

Aldi ShoppingAldi shopping done..pop them into the car and into Woolworths

Woolies ShoppingThen a load from Woolies (whoops forgot the extra green shopping bags)

ScannerBack home and I bring the groceries in and scan them then put them away. I do scan my groceries for Nielsen Homescan. I don’t mind doing it, have done for 4 years now and I have redeem lots points earned for $$. Another advantage is that I get to know the prices. You wouldn’t believe how many things at all 3 supermarkets (Coles, Woolies and Aldi) that have gone up, down, up, down and up again.

Laundry on lineI get a load of washing on the line

Vegemite ToastLunch for the youngster – classic vegemite on toast as per his request

Tomato on VineThen my turn for lunch – I love truss tomatoes, so yummy

Tomato and CheeseI had them on gluten free bread with cheese and toasted under the grill – yum

Libby VlogFinally time to sit down and have lunch. Watching Libby’s adventures in Germany on You Tube. I never realised Germany was so beautiful.

Words with Friends

Youngest climbs up next to me, helps me eat the rest of my lunch and helps me play Word with Friends. He names all the letters and we have fun sounding out the words.

Legally BlondeI also sneak a look at the Legally Blonde website, friends and I are playing a Ladies Day Out to see it since it’s come to Melbourne.

School Pick UpTime for school pick up and look at those clouds. Must get the washing in when we get back.


Still able to have a play on the school playground while waiting for the bell. Youngest loves coming to school to pick up his older brother, gives him a big hug when he sees him. So good to see.

Washing in BasketBack home and got the washing in!

Ducks on MickeyBoys get some screen time – Mickey Mouse is the choice.

Rain ComingFriday night is Auskick night. Looking at the rain radar map it is not looking good for a rain free night. The boys have an early dinner regardless in preparation. Normally we all eat together.

Dark CloudsThe clouds don’t look too dark but on an hour the heaven’s open and it pours down. Hubby and I make the executive decision not to go to Auskick. Yes we know footy is a winter sport but our oldest is asthmatic and has had a rough couple of nights previous so to keep him healthy we decide to keep him warm and dry.

pc screenWhen I finally get a chance to sit down and do some blog work. This happens. A frustrating hour later and its still down.

Watching Mad MenI give up and watch some Mad Men. Great show.


The internet comes back up (we think it was the service provider) and I am too tired to do any blog work so Pinterest wins out.

Disneyland Menus

and perusing the Disneyland Menus on Hoping to whittle down where we can eat at Disneyland instead of wandering the park wasting time lining up and not having any luck on the gluten free front. Got a few options it seems which is great. Having fun researching it though.

Hope you liked my ‘Day in the Life’

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The Week That Was 31st May 2012

June 1, 2013 4 comments

Hello! Hope you are all well. Time for another week that was. It wasn’t a particularly exciting week but I wanted to share anyway.


My eldest was invited to a birthday bowling party, not great lighting for photos but it was great fun for the kids.

Cookie Time

My 3 year old and I had a ‘date’, I had a delicious coffee and he had a cookie and baby cino.

Kinder Bike

It’s time for checking out 4 year old kinder’s for next year so we went to an open day of the local kinder, he had so much fun playing. It’s such a good kinder.

Kinder Puzzles

Puzzles is one of his new favourite past times and he here is checking out all the ‘big’ kinder ones. He had such fun!

Lego Club (1)

Lego Club at the library again this week, the boys love it so much. I admit I like to have a go as well.

Mickey Cookbook

Mister 3 and I went to Target for a bit of a look and we were happy to see a couple of Mickey Mouse items finally hit the shelves, this book may have come home with us – at $5 I couldn’t resist.


This Mickey was cute but a bit young for my boy now.

Monster Uni

We are liking the Monsters from Monster’s University, they are pretty cute in a different way. He stayed on the shelf though, my 2 don’t really need any more toys like this.


I did get a pair of pj pants, they were $6 – a special Target had.


We have been giving the popcorn maker a work out lately – I have had this popcorn maker 19 years!

Puzzle Time

See? More puzzles. I confess I bought these this week too, $5 for a Disney Puzzle Book, so 6 puzzles in one. He has been into puzzles so much I can’t help myself.


And I found this in the cupboard, every birthday and Christmas I put a few things away from the presents they are lucky to receive and I get them out during the year. My youngest is starting to recognise letters so he is enjoying this puzzle too.

RACV helper

One morning my car wouldn’t start – never a good feeling! Mister 3 is helping the RACV man check things out


Turns out it we needed a new battery so he was able to replace it on the spot. Thank goodness! And yes it cost me for the battery even though I am a RACV member. Worth it I think.

Weather May

Melbourne has had some funny weather lately, it’s been chilly but sunny some days.

White Cloud

Look at these clouds! Love the sky when the clouds are like this.

I hope you had a great week!

{PS I am not affiliated with any products or brands mentioned)

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Bloggers Brunch May 2013 Carmans, Kambrook, Tasty Bite, Mamee, Yumi’s, Wellaby, Higher Living Tea, Brauer, IGA and Mitsubishi

May 22, 2013 3 comments

A few weeks ago I headed to Federation Square in Melbourne City to attend a Blogger’s Brunch event. To attend you need an invite from Kids Business but any blogger can register to get an invite so please sure to do so if you wish. (just head here and fill in your details)

When I received the invite I read the list of companies attending, I knew I had to go, 5 of the companies were those that have gluten free products! It really was made for me.



There is are guest speakers that are invited to speak and this month we heard from Carolyn from Carmen’s. It is very admirable how she has built this company into one of Australia’s best. They had Carmen’s new range Yummo out to show us, which is a range of nut free products designed for the lunch box. They also have a very yummy gluten free muesli that is one of my favourites.

Tasty Bite

Tasty Bite

If you are a coeliac, be sure to check out Tasty Bite. They have a large range of ready meals that you can buy in the International Food section of the supermarket or even online through their website. I love them and almost always have a packet in the pantry. Just watch the red packet ones coming in stores soon as they have a ‘may contain gluten’ warning on the packet.



I enjoyed chatting to the guys from Mamee again, I did see them at a previous brunch. They have an exciting new product coming out in July that we got a sneak peek of. Watch this space as I might be sharing a giveaway with them then.



Yumi’s have such great dips and I had a great chat to them. Did you know that everything is made in Melbourne, Australia? Isn’t that awesome? Everything is completely gluten free? They built their own manufacturing plant and have very strict controls in place. I love hearing that! Check out the dips and all the other products they have. They are very yummy.



I will let you know more about them next week as I may or may not have a giveaway planned! They introduced me too their new Lentil Chips and Hummus Chips. Two words. Oh my.

Higher Living Tea

Higher Living Tea

They have a delicious range of teas, the Cinnamon and Licorice ones are my favourites. Having a Cinnamon cup of tea is liking having a hot cinnamon donut without all the calories or gluten!



It’s always great seeing Kambrook folk and this visit I learned about their recipe blog, A Perfect Pantry. Lots of yummy recipes on there so be sure to give it a visit. They also kindly gave me a cake pop maker but I have yet had the try it but when I do I will share what happens.



They showed me some new products as you can see from the photo. They are made of natural ingredients which is always great I think.

Hallmark Cards

Hallmark Cards

I always love chatting to Hallmark, such nice people. They have bought along a lovely range of cards that I think many people would love to receive.



They bought along a couple of Outlanders for us to check out. Very nice looking cars with some awesome features. One of the models has the 7 seats which is great for getting out and about with the kids and their friends. Beautiful looking cars but sadly I couldn’t talk them into letting me bring one home.


And last but not least for me to visit was IGA.  A great supermarket thaty tries and source from the local area that the IGA store is in. Awesome idea.

Thank you again for Kids Business and companies involved for another great Blogger’s Brunch!

Bit of an Update and The Week that Was

May 19, 2013 1 comment

You may have noticed I haven’t been posting as much, a couple of weeks ago I hurt my back. Total surprise as usually when I have health issues they revolve around being a coeliac. It hurt quite a bit and as you can imagine I wasn’t able to do as much as I usually could.

Good news is that it is getting better which is a relief but I still need to be careful and as such sitting for long periods of time isn’t very good for me at the moment. I will get there but at least you know what’s going on in case you don’t hear from me quite as often.

I have some random photos taken the past couple of weeks for a wrap up of ‘The Week That Was’. So I hope you enjoy them.

Walking in School GateLove walking in the school gate in the morning, its like we have actually achieved something for the day, we managed to get up, fed, dressed and to school before the bell rings. It’s the little things!

Moccona Me Time PackI am signed up to a few research companies, (completely non related to being a blogger and a PR firm sending me goodies) I don’t do many of them anymore, due to the timing of things but I did say yes to the Moccona Coffee review, where I get to enjoy some of their flavoured coffees. The jury is still out on them, not too sure I am a fan. (Contagious Network is the one I am doing this through for those wondering)

Bloggers Brunch May 13Before I hurt my back I did go to a Bloggers Brunch, I hope to do a wrap up of this soon.

Boys Playing TogetherOne of my favourite things as a mum is when my 2 boys play well together, I can never resist getting a photo.

Green SmoothieI had taken to drinking green smoothies for breakfast, but my blender broke :( Now I have to get a new one before I can make them again and I miss having them.

Sunrise Sunrise2Even though it’s turned chilly around these parts, I spied a lovely sunrise outside my back windows one morning.

RainbowThen I spotted a rainbow a few days later!

Smashed Fridge DoorSay bye to my fridge. Walked towards it one day and the doors fell off right in front of me and smashed to the ground.The hinges snapped. It seems a strange thing to have happened but the fridge is 12 years old so it was getting on.

Lego Club CreationOnce a month our library hold a ‘Lego Club’ which my boys love going to. This is one of my 8 year olds creations, it’s a police helicopter.

GF Tom Savoury PieWith a broken fridge comes the use of a smaller one as we won’t buy a new one until we get back from our holiday (yes it’s that close!) so that means I started the using up of food before I planned to, this was one of my creations which is basically a Gluten Free Savoury Bread and Butter pudding and it was delish.

GF HoneycombIf you follow me on facebook you may have seen these already but I was delighted to find Choc Coated Honeycomb that is gluten free at Woolworths. $2.98 for a 400 gram bag.

And on that note, it’s time for me to sign off for now. Have a great week!

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