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Saying Goodbye to Google Reader

June 24, 2013 2 comments


If you use Google Reader then you would probably know that it is closing down on 1st July 2013. You won’t be able to see the blogs that you subscribe to any more. I have 300 odd blogs I follow so I know I would have a hard time remembering them all, plus it would take a very long time to subscribe to each one again one by one.

Thankfully other feed readers have stepped up to the plate and have made it fairly simple to transfer your subscriptions over. It’s just a matter of chosing one you like.

I have actually tried 4 in the past few months to see which one I liked the best, typically it’s the one I hesitated the most to try.


Once you head to Bloglovin’ and join up, it will ask you if you want to import your Google Reader subscriptions. Say yes if you do and it will bring them over. One thing I noticed is that it won’t bring your saved’s over. (if it does then please enlighten me!)

If you would like to follow me through Bloglovin’ then please click the below link:

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Bloglovin’ also has free apps in iTunes and Google Play.


Feedly also has the easy import from Google Reader. Join up and click yes to import and away you go. Feedly is probably my 2nd favourite and I like how to has saved all my Google Reader starred items.

It also has the option to add items from Facebook and Twitter. I haven’t enabled this so I am not sure how it works.

Feedly also has free apps in iTunes and Google Play.


I have also tried Reeder but I think I read somewhere that it will go when Google Reader goes but I am unsure on this. I really liked this on the iPad.

I have just had a last minute try out of Feedspot. This is the closet to Google Reader in looks I have seen. It can take a little while for the feeds to come across but they do import all the favourites and it looks really easy to manage subscriptions.

And some others that have been mentioned but I have not tried:

The important thing to remember is to do something about it now! Before it’s too late.

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Listmania: Books

April 7, 2013 4 comments

I am so late with this week’s Listmania, I have had a few health issues and haven’t been able to sit at the computer except to send a few urgent emails. I really wanted to do this Listmania though as it’s about one of my favourite things – books!

I would love a bookshelf wall but alas I don’t so I thought I’d share the places where our books are at the moment.

Book Shelf EntryBookshelf in the entry way

Book Shelf LoungeBook Shelf in the Lounge Room

Book Shelf Oldest SonOldest son’s book shelf – as you can see, not that many, he recently had a clean out and gave all his ‘kiddy’ books to his younger brother. Lots of potential for growth here though.

Book Shelf StudyBook Shelf in the Study

Book Shelf Youngest SonYoungest Son’s Book Shelf

Library StackOldest son’s current library stack – we all love the library, it’s one of our favourite places to go.

Recipe Books1/10 of my recipe books – the others are too disorganised to share

To read stackI am in a bit of a chick lit phase at the moment, although I love many genres, this is my current to read stack although I have now read 2 of these book and am on my 3rd already

Reading Youngest

This is my youngest’s books he reads at night before bed. Every single night he gets read too and it’s always 3 books. Two of them are changed on a weekly basis from the library and the other one, ‘Where is the Green Sheep?’ is the constant, his very favourite book and must be read last.

iPad Screen

I also have books electronically through a kindle app on my iPad, computer and smart phone and they all sync so you can pick up where you left off from your phone on your iPad. So clever and it means I am never without something to read.

Kindle Screen

Some of the ebooks I have.

As you can see we have plenty of books and whenever we go to the doctors or somewhere we have to wait a long time, I take books for me and the boys. Whipping out the phone or iPod is easy but books are more fun I think and just as easy.

And now for my favourite:

Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice. I have read this many many times and the book is way better than any of the movies although the BBC Production is a good production.

and my sentimental favourite is:

Little Womenas this was my grandmothers when she was a little girl, I am very lucky to own a few of her childhood books. I am not sure what year this is but another book had 1929 written in it. I have another copy of Little Women that I used to read from as this one is too precious plus it’s at the stage where the pages are starting to fall out.

And that’s it from me, for now about books but I really could talk about them forever!

Linking up with Listmania.


Do you love books? If so I would love it if you shared your favourite!

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Listmania: What’s Happening Now – A to Z Style

March 28, 2013 2 comments

I am a few days late with Listmania this week but I thought I’d still do it because it’s fun and I missed last weeks.

This week’s Listmania is simply using the letters A through to Z and listing something happening now in your life. I just love this type of ones as it’s always so interesting to think about what you are doing as well as checking out what everyone else is up to.

What’s Happening Now – A to Z

Anniversary – it is my and my husband’s 10th Wedding Anniversary next year and while it often passes without too much fanfare, hubby feels that we deserve some time off and have an evening out.

nellbe blog

Blog – I am hoping to spend some time this weekend catching up on things so I am not running behind with posts again.

Conference – last week’s Digital Parents Conference is on my mind, what I learnt, what I need to implement and how to connect to those I met and would love to stay in touch with. Plus I also need to do a wrap up post about it!

Disneyland Book

Disneyland – we are going the end of July and we are looking forward it very much.

Ebookmy first ebook was released a few weeks ago and I still need to do a few more things to promote it

Family – it’s a long weekend coming up and I am longing for the chance to spend some time with my boys and hubby.

Gluten Free – surely the only thing for G is gluten free. I live it, eat it, share it and write about it.

Holiday – I have already mentioned Disneyland but I had to mention Holiday as well as it is getting a little closer and time to make sure we are getting organised for it.

Inspired is how I feel after the conference, specially the session Kate from Picklebums did. She did a session on Blog Design and inspired me to give it a go myself.

Typo Gift Card

Journals – I won a gift card from Typo and I cannot wait to buy some lovely new journals  and pens. You can never have too many in my opinion.

Kinder – my little one has enjoyed his first term at Little Kinder, I am so glad he has adjusted well to it.

Library – the thought of it being shut for 4 days over Easter made me panic so I went today to borrow many more books than I needed. But it’s all good as I feel much better now.


Missing – my laptop. It died on me last year and I miss having it to blog or write wherever/whenever I please instead of being tied to the desk fighting to use the pc.

Nutrition – I mentioned the other week I wanted to learn more about Nutrition so last week I signed up to do a short course for it! I am very excited and while the course is nothing too fancy I expect to learn heaps and it will point me in the right direction.

Organising – I need to get some organising done at home and I hope to get it started soon.

Patience – my youngest is becoming very demanding and I refuse to give into him. Because of this he is throwing the most outrageous and embarrassing tantrums. I remind myself I need to have more patience, he’ll understand soon enough and the phase will end. Please tell me I am right?

Quite – a lot of coffee. I need it. Enough said.

Reading – I cannot get enough of it at the moment, I just want to read everything from novels to blogs to ebooks.

School Holidays – they are upon us, we have a few things planned and also plan to have a couple of quiet days


Time – I want more of it!

Understanding – my darling 3 year old is chatting away alot these days, he is finding his voice. We do have some trouble understanding him sometimes, he can get frustrated with us if we don’t get him.

Very Puzzling – I find there are certain things at the back end (technical) of the blog very puzzling. Sometimes something doesn’t work after working for ages – like a plug in or email or contact form – all of a sudden it stops working. It’s such a brain strain trying to figure it out.

Diary of Wimpy Kid

Wimpy Kid – well it should be Diary of a Wimpy Kid, my 8 year old son is devouring the entire series at the moment and it gives me much joy to watch him enjoying reading – especially chapter books.

Cook books for kids

Xtra Cooking – totally cheating there for ‘X’ but we plan on doing lots of eXtra cooking these school holidays – we have gotten some great kids cookbooks out of the library and going to have some fun cooking up a storm.

Yay – it’s a long weekend!

Zzzz – I need some more of this even though I got some last week while away at the conference. My youngest being ill one night and not sleeping has just depleted my levels.

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How We Saved for a Holiday

March 18, 2013 2 comments

As you may know I am off to the Digital Parents Conference this week and some of the companies sponsoring the conference have donated some prizes for bloggers attending to win. One such company is RAMS and they are asking bloggers in the RAMS Loose Change Round Up to write about how they might budget, save or share ideas to get that loose change in your pocket to build into something bigger. The prize is $500!

Since I love a good giveaway I thought I’d throw my hat into the ring as saving money is something I love to do. When something as awesome as a trip to America come to fruition thanks to our saving money then I say to give it a go. It doesn’t have to be a holiday, it can be a car, pool or something else.

What I Did to Save Money for Our New York City Holiday

Coffee – Don’t go out for coffee or don’t buy coffee.  How much is coffee these days? $4? $5? More if you need something to eat or you are buying for the kids too. Whenever I was tempted to buy a coffee I would think to myself, “Do I want a coffee here in the local shopping mall or do I want coffee at Starbucks in NYC?” Guess where I chose? NYC.

Saving Money

Drinks/Water – I take water bottles from home for all members of the family everywhere I go.

Saving Money

Snacks – Similarly I take a bag of snacks from home  where ever I go. Doesn’t have to be fancy but it means if we are out longer than anticipated then I have something handy for everyone.

Say No – Not only to yourself but to the kids. Say no to the choccy frog or lollipop at the check out. Better still – tell them before you head out that they won’t be getting anything so there are no expectations

Menu Plan and Shop with a List – I do it every week and I share our menu plan here every Monday (or Tuesday) it keeps from the pantry and fridge groaning with food I don’t need and I am not throwing food out at the end of the week.

Shop at Aldi – it is seriously cheaper for the staples at Aldi. Yes I know this means visiting two supermarkets but it saves me so much that I am happy to do it. Plus I went once a week, sometimes once a fortnight as I had a list and I just got everything I needed, which means no ducking to the supermarket multiple time a week.

Shop at Discount/Grocery Clearance Stores – I have mentioned these guys before – very handy if you have a chance to check them out, I have saved lots of money picking up items we need from here.

Stay at Home – don’t go to expensive restaurants or cafe’s to have meals, stay at home and have an indoor picnic for something different. Or fire up the BBQ.

Rebates/Allowances – are you getting everything you can from the government? I saved our rebates/allowances we received after filing our tax return which added a nice lump sum to the holiday budget.

Tiniest Man at Library

Visit the Library – I love books, as do my two boys. Going to the library and borrowing all books, magazines and DVD’s we want is just the same thrill as buying them. Trust me. Even more so as you are not spending any money to get that thrill.


No Magazines – speaking of magazines, I just don’t buy them anymore. I know they are lovely to look at but again I used the line for myself, ‘do I want to buy them here at the local shop or in the Barnes and Noble store in America’ guess which one won out and by the way they are heaps cheaper in the US.

Giveaways – enter giveaways for things you need. Lots of bloggers are doing them now for all sorts of things. Just in the past 2 months I have won $140 in gift cards and last year I won quite a few. (including $1000 gift card from Target!)  While they don’t help for purchases overseas, I use them for groceries or when the boys needed new clothes. Kellie from Three Lil Princesses hosts a blogger giveaway link up every Sunday so it’s easy to see in one spot where the blog giveaways are.

Reward Cards Saving Money

Join Flybuys and Everyday Rewards – I use them for whenever I shop at the places that use them. I don’t go out of my way to shop at those stores, but since I am there anyway I may as well use them. I redeem them for giftcards although the Everyday Rewards through Woolworths I let sit there and accumulate as they are partnered with Qantas and they go towards Frequent Flyer Points. Plus Everyday Rewards sometimes have a special price on items for members so that’s  a bonus too.

Join Frequent Flyers – as members of Everyday Rewards (which is free to join) you can join Qantas Frequent Flyers for free, which if you happen to fly Qantas anywhere especially overseas, can help get those points up.

Money Box Saving

And last but definitely not least, saving your loose change. Get the noisy coins out of your pocket and pop them into a money box. That’s what we did, we popped it into this adorable money box our eldest made us in kinder one year and banked the coins once it’s full.

Doing all of the above helped my little family of four fly across the skies to America and go on an awesome holiday. It is amazing how it all adds up!

Do you have any tried and true money saving tips that got you something you wished for?

Listmania: Reverse Bucket List

March 11, 2013 16 comments

This week’s Listmania prompt is a Reverse Bucket List. ‘Write a list of all the awesome things you have already done’

Apart from getting married to hubby and having two wonderful children, I think the one thing I am most proud of is traveling to America last year. I have been wanting to travel to the US for many many years and when I met hubby, he was happy to share that dream.

You see, it is a little embarrassing to admit this but neither myself or my husband in our 30+ years have been out of the country. Not even to NZ or Fiji or Bali.

So when the BlogHer conference come up, I was determined to ensure that I got there and then we decided we all would go. It would be an amazing thing to share our first trip overseas with our 2 children. So we scrimped and saved and got to NYC last July/August.

To be able to give my children the gift of travelling to America is one I am very proud of. How many 3 and 8 year olds know what this is when they see it?

Statue of Liberty


or can say they have been in one of these?

NYC Yellow Cab

or walked across the Brooklyn Bridge?

Brooklyn Bridge

or walked in Times Square?

NYC Times Square


Well yes, I know plenty can but I am super proud that my 2 (and me!) can.

There are many more things I am glad I have done:

  • running my own website as well as being published online elsewhere
  • working on Daydream Island for a short time
  • building and owning our own house
  • becoming a stay at home mum – going from 2 incomes to 1 is not easy!
  • being a volunteer
  • sponsoring a child through World Vision for many years
  • knowing how to make the perfect latte and carry 5 dinner plates at once
  • having sons that love reading
  • being able to cook – and share my experiences with others through the blog

What’s on your reverse bucket list?

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Listmania: My 10 Favourite Blogs

February 25, 2013 15 comments

This week for Listmania, Deb from Home Life Simplified has suggested listing our 5 most favourite blogs plus 5 new blogs we have just discovered and liked.

As someone who has 222 blogs in her feed reader this has been a little hard to pick the 10 needed. I love reading blogs and have many different types, Australian and International. Crafty and Foodie. Blogging and Opinionated. Organising and Decorating.

5 All Time Favourite Blogs – the ones I read first and everyday.

Life is a Jorney

Life is a Journey not a Destination – Libby shares her everyday life. I love it because we have a few things in common, we are both vegetarian (although I eat some fish), we have 2 kids, we are Stay At Home Mums, we both love shopping and we both love travelling (she has done it several times and me – well just once). Libby also posts ‘The Week That Was’ every week which is where I got my inspiration for doing so. (and yes she knows!)

My favourite post or series of posts is her Travel – USA category because I love the US and she has seen many parts of it. She also has many You Tube videos you can check out.

IHeart Organizing

IHeart Organizing – Truly a wonderful blog that has so much eye candy and great organisational ideas. What I love about this blog is that when Jen realises something isn’t working she reworks it to make it work again.

The trouble is picking a favourite post… I think the IHeart Home Tour as it showcases in one spot the latest room specific posts.

GF Scallway

The Gluten Free Scallywag – Jas is an Aussie blogger and is the most amazing cook and she shares her yummy recipes with us all. The past 2 Christmases Jas has produced Gluten Free Magazines – for free. They are so beautiful and have such yummy recipes.

I am having so much trouble picking a favourite post as they are all good, so I’ll link to her recipe index page instead.


Hooked on Houses

Hooked On Houses – I love house design and home interiors. In many movies and tv shows  I am checking out the set design rather than the what the actors are saying. That’s what I love about the US blog Hooked on Houses, Julie showcases houses seen on movies and tv shows as well as her own beautiful house and some of her readers.

Her house posts are my favourites – such a beautiful home.

A Little Delightful

A Little Delightful – Bianca has a gorgeous blog and she shares wonderful organisation ideas and great printables. As she is an Aussie, she has printables suited for us, which is great.

I love her organised posts, I just don’t know how she comes up with these ideas. I am glad she does!

Five Blogs I Recently Discovered

Organized Jen

Organized Jen – Libby actually got me onto You Tube videos, I quickly got addicated and Organized Jen was one of them. Jennifer started on You Tube and now has a blog. She lives in the US and organizes everything. I have learnt heaps from her!

My favourite posts so far are Jen’s Week In Review Posts, love reading posts like that.

Gluten Hates Me

Gluten Hates Me – It’s been within the last 10 months that I discovered Marlow’s blog, she lives in the US and I love reading her recipes.

My favourite blog post of hers is when she shared a speech she did in her uni class: Gluten is Poison sharing with her class mates what is Gluten and why celiacs cannot eat anything at anytime. Plus what lessons it’s taught her.

GF Dude

 Gluten Dude  – this is my most recent find. It’s a US gluten free blog written by a guy. He is really funny and brings up things I never expect – which is great.

I like so many of his posts but the ‘Is this Gluten Free‘ feature is a great idea. He has a list of products that tell you what’s in them and whether people have spoken to the company or not. He encourages people to add to the list. Such a great resource.

My Pigeon Pair

My Pigeon Pair – is another Aussie blog and yes I read it for eye candy. Such gorgeous home organisational ideas as well as practical ones like Managing the Family Finances and having a ‘Tot School’ which is sharing ideas about showing your child things about numbers and letters before they hit formal schooling.

Got to check out her posts in catergory Beautiful as the posts are just that: beautiful

Food Loves Writing

 Food Loves Writing – Beautiful food, great writing and fantastic photos make an excellent combination for a blog. That’s what this US blog is all about. Yummy treats shared with great photos.

My favourite section is the recipe index as there are many many recipes to tempt you.

What’s your favourite blog currently?

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Scotch Restickable Tabs Review, Project and Giveaway – plus some samples!*giveaway and samples closed

January 30, 2013 21 comments
This post is sponsored by Scotch Restickables

When we got home from our last family holiday, just like many of you, we had loads and loads of photos we had taken on our trip. We were determined not to leave them on the computer and actually do something with them. We thought we might like to do a little photo board with some of them and how we were going to do that – I wasn’t really sure.

Then I was asked to try the Scotch Restickable range and when finding out that they never leave a mark, are restickable making them reusable, I knew I had to give them a try.

Scotch Restickables

I am glad I did.

I bought a piece of coreflute from Officeworks (its a lightweight plasticty board type thing) and printed my photo’s out at the same time, then come home and got set to work.

Scotch Restickables Project

The best part? I make a boo boo and I can easily fix it.

Scotch Project

If we get sick of some photo’s we can easily rotate them, using the same restickable tabs over and over. If they get dusty or dirty you can easily clean them to resuse them again! Such a great idea and an easy to use product.

Scotch Restickables On Wall

I also used mine to restick up a world map that we have, which is great as the blu stuff I was using before was making a mess of the poster.

Map using Scotch Restickables

I am going to get some more of these to have on hand for the art work that comes home from school and also for birthday/Christmas decorations. I even think you could have some for your birthday and Christmas cards to put up and just reuse the restickable tabs/shapes every year.

They sound really good don’t they? If you would like to get some, Officeworks and Bunnings are the places to head too and they should cost around $4.95 a packet.

Scotch kindly gave me a pack to giveaway as well as 20 samples to give away too!

Simply leave me a comment, stating what you are looking forward to using Scotch Restickables for and also if you would like a sample.

Giveaway Details: **Giveaway is closed! Winner is Theresa Tan**

  • Prize is 4 packets of Scotch Restickables  – one of each of type.
  • To enter, leave a comment stating what you are looking forward to trying Scotch Restickables for.
  • Aussie postal addresses only
  • Giveaway is game of skill, winner will be chosen on creativity and my decision is final
  • Giveaway ends Midnight Friday 8th February 2013 AEDST
  • Winner will be published on the blog Monday 11th Febrauary 2013 and also will be emailed

Samples: If you would like a sample, please leave in your comment that you would and then email me at: your name and postal address. (Aussie postal addresses only) Limited to first 20 emails I receive and samples will be sent when the giveaway prize is sent. Please note all samples now gone!

Good Luck!

Aussie Giveaway Linky
Hosted by Three Lil Princesses

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