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Real Life Wednesday – Toddler Teeth Brushing

November 7, 2012 11 comments


This week I am doing something a little different and joining Kate from Picklebums in talking Real Life. Kate has a linky every Wednesday in where she shares a snippet of what real life is for her.

Today I wanted to talk about my darling 3 year and the struggle that is teeth brushing. Dental hygiene is very important to us and we insist that our 2 boys brush their teeth twice a day. Oldest boy is ok with getting the job done but gosh our 3 year old is a completely different story.

Twice a day, every day, it’s a battle. There is screaming, squirming, tears, it is just something hubby and I do not look forward to (but we try not to show it of course).We have tried everything, trust me we have but it is still a fight. So tonight I thought I would take photos of the battle for prosperity sake.

As soon as the camera was out, I got grins.

Oh he was happy brushing his teeth for the camera. Up down all around.

Even when it was Daddy’s turn to brush his teeth for him.

He was still happy to not squirm and stay still for the camera.

So in a effort to show you my real life I solved the problem, at least for one night!

If only I had thought of it earlier….

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Toddler and Sleep

February 7, 2012 2 comments

My darling Tiniest Man, who is almost 2 1/2 years old, has recently dropped his day nap. We did this because he was taking forever to get to sleep at night so we didn’t put him down for his midday nap. Wouldn’t you know it he was getting to sleep almost straight away at night time.

And they lived happily every after.

Or not. For some strange reason he has started waking in the night. Sometimes he cries. We leave him as experience tells us it is better to leave him as he will settle quicker, plus we know when it is ‘I’m in pain or am sad’ cry. Sometimes he gets out of bed and down the hallway. We pick him and put him back. We do it a la Super Nanny as in the first time out of bed gets a good night from us but any time after that he gets put back without a word. He gets the message pretty quick and back to sleep he goes.

Other times he wakes during the night when we are in bed asleep and he just sits in the hallway. He doesn’t cry, doesn’t call out, he just sits there. I do not know how long for as he never wakes us but on occasion he falls asleep in the hallway and that’s where we find him when we get up. Hubby gets up at 5.30 every morning and sometimes he is sitting in the hallway wide awake!

He is getting no day time nap. Sometimes he gets not enough sleep at night time. So that equals some fun times during the day and the by the time hubby gets home around 6pm I am so ready to handball the kids straight to him and just breathe for 5 minutes.

But that never happens does it? Nope, no time, we both know the kids need feeding, bathing, reading and by the time we do sit down around 7.30 I have the pleasure of my other jobs to do.

That would be blogging and freelance writing. Plus Tuesday nights I co-host the #ausallergy chat on Twitter. (8.30pm Melbourne time every Tuesday night.)

I would love to hear from any of you that have dealt with a wandering awake toddler at night. Sometimes he doesn’t wake us so I have no idea how little sleep he is getting. It is very frustrating as he gets so grumpy during the day. Hopefully it is one of those ‘phases’ and it will stop soon. Hopefully. In the meantime I will continue to grit my teeth and deal with a tired toddler.


PS – above is a photo of my baby when he was 6 months old. He is lying on me… the only time he really slept was on me so he never was big in the sleeping department. I wish he was – I am a little sick of being tired!

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Funny Things Kids Say

December 28, 2011 Comments off

I wrote this post back when Little Man was 2 – that was 4 years ago! April 16th 2007 in fact.

It made me watch my mouth a little more and realise kids hear what you don’t want them to hear.


Master Two and I were in the car, driving around looking for a car park on Saturday morning. We were at the local shops and it was quite busy and I was having a bit of trouble getting a park where I wanted. I spotted a car too late – pulling out of a park as I drove past. I went down the next lane and around again to come back to it as it was in a prime spot right near the door and on a curb which is great for prams. As I saw a car coming the other way, I muttered, ‘Bugger’ under my breath, as I thought that car would get it.

“Bugger” pipes up a little voice from the back seat.

Whoops! I didn’t think my little man heard me say that at all! “Bugger” he says again.

Oh dear.

I say to him that it was not a nice word and mummy should not have said it. So he says it again. and again. and again. With a big grin ear to ear, clearly enjoying the distress on my face.

Inside I wanted to laugh. I wanted to laugh a big hearty laugh as he was so cheeky. But I held a straight face and distracted him with getting out of the car. Thankfully he stopped and I really must be careful with what I say now.

Oh. And I did get that car park.

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Things I Know: My Boy is Growing Up Far Too Fast!

August 5, 2011 9 comments

Happy Friday to you. Once again I am here to join Shae and tell you all what I know.

With my youngest turning 2 next week, I realise he is growing up too fast. He really is.

This week I know that

– if you think you are clever buying a big boy bed for your son before he is two, 4 days before you are due to pick it up he decides to climb out of his cot and not stay in it for nap time. Feeling not so clever now.

– now he is in a big boy bed he doesn’t like nap time. This mumma is not ready for no nap time.

– said toddler is all of a sudden fiercely independent. He has to brush his own teeth, there are tears if mummy or daddy even dare to try and help.

– he now sits on a normal chair at the table, he has to sit next to mummy and feed himself. There is food going everywhere. So fun.

– he is chattering. It is so cute, he gazes into your eyes and tells you the most interesting things. Of course I don’t understand a word of it but it is the cutest thing ever.

Argh it is far too much growing up all of a sudden for me. Slow down my baby boy, slow down a little please!

What do you know?



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Baby Concepts All Natural Products Giveaway Winner

May 22, 2011 2 comments

Thank you everyone who entered my Baby Concepts Giveaway. I know there are lots of us that have to deal with our children and our own skin sensitives.  Its is a shame isn’t it?

And the winner, drawn randomly, is:

Melanie de!

Melanie said: with such sensitive skin this would be a godsend

Well done Melanie, an email is winging your way.

Thanks again everyone



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A Little Scare I Had with My Youngest Son

May 17, 2011 13 comments

Over a week ago my youngest. who is 21 months, and I went to the Bloggers Brunch that Room 2 Grow and Kids Business put on. They graciously had some baby sitters from Speed Babysitting there so we could have our hands spare to listen to the talk. My Tiniest Man didn’t really like being apart from mummy and was a little tearful so I didn’t get to hear all the talks.

Oh well, that’s all a part of Motherhood isn’t it? We were snacking at the tables and Tiniest Man was having a wonderful time. Or so I thought. I suddenly realised he had too much food in his mouth and he started choking. I was trying to get the food out but he was panicking and he started coughing and coughing and crying and then being silent and going red. Oh man I knew it wasn’t good. I was stressing inside but I just kept working and working and getting the food out and patting him on the back to try and bring the rest up. He was so upset and coughing. Tears coming from those little eyes. :(

I must admit I was a little surprised we were going unnoticed and noone come over to help. I did think I should just yell out – HELP ME! – but I then thought the time to do that and take my eyes off my son and explain, well I didn’t have that time.

I should say also I am First Aid qualified yet all the knowledge went out the window. I went blank on what to do with a choking toddler. I just knew it was bad if he stopping coughing and turned blue as that meant there was no oxygen.

I just kept patting him on the back, although you aren’t meant to do this when he is coughing as it can dislodge it further down but really, I had no idea what I was doing, I just wanted him to stop! Oh man it was so scary. I was so shaken up.

He did stop. We both calmed down a little, but to me he still didn’t look right. I wanted to give him a drink but I was too scared to give him anything. I did give him a sip of water. He then starting choking again. Oh my poor baby :( I patted him the back and by some miracle the bit that was lodged come up and out.

Oh thank goodness. He then was such a happy camper. He stopped crying. And mummy started. I just fell apart. I held him close and just sobbed. Yep right in the middle of all these yapping women and busy kids. There I was holding onto my baby crying my eyes out. My heart was breaking just a bit because I felt it was my fault and I was also a little embarrassed at crying.

I calmed down, cleaned him up (as he had chunks of food everywhere as it come up), changed his top. Then the lovely Kim come over and saw my face and asked whats wrong and I lost it again. I was crying and trying to tell her and the look Tiniest Man had on his face was funny! I guess he doesn’t see me crying like that very often. Kim gave me a hug, told me a story about her son (although I can’t remember it now, sorry Kim!), made me feel better and left me too it.

It was at this point I decided to leave but we needed to do a nappy change first so we got up to do that and gorgeous Kirrily saw me and I told her what had happened. (yes there was still tears) She was lovely and very understanding. I have to admit I felt a bit silly about the whole crying in public thing but I did think to myself that I really should be able to cry in public at a Mummy Blogger event, they are the people that would understand!

Kirrily got us to stay. I then bumped into one of the speakers and also a very lovely lady, Nicole. She asked how I was and I couldn’t say ‘fine’. I tearfully told her as well. She was kind and understanding as well and also had a story to share.

Thankfully after that I was much better and managed to talk to a few more people and enjoy the rest of the morning.

Moral of my story? Watch your toddler eating so they don’t put too much in their mouth. And that other mums have similar stories to tell.

What about you? Has something like this happened to you?


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Baby Concepts All Natural Products Review and Giveaway

May 15, 2011 65 comments

My 6 year old son has suffered eczema for a few years now. The poor thing. He gets rashes all up and down his legs, ankles, back and arms. He itches like crazy and this makes him bleed. It really is awful. We have been to the doctor many many times about it.

We have tried so many things to try and get rid of this awful thing. We have changed his diet, we have had him on medication, we have changed his bedding, we have become clean freaks to keep dust mites out of the house, we have got rid of chemicals and clean the house with natural products and changed our laundry products. On top of this of course we have tried every cream and bath product on the market.

The only type of cream that works is the steroid cream and despite the price tag, I have to go to the doctor every time I want a script for it. Plus I am not all that keen on putting that on my son’s skin! Who knows what long term use will do?

So the day that Olivia from Baby Concepts and I found each other was a happy day. She heard my concerns and felt my pain so she offered for me to try a couple of products from her range.

I love the idea of Baby Concepts. Completely natural ingredients made specially for those with sensitive skin. So it is super safe for babies and kids.

This is Gentle Hair and Body Wash. We used it for both boys. Its lovely to use. Lovely smell, nice and gentle and no rash on either boy.


This is the Barrier Balm. Perfect for nappy rash. My youngest does get nappy rash every now and then and this lovely cream does the job quickly. I also used this cream on my oldest son’s eczema rash and in just one day there was noticeable difference. I couldn’t believe it! Amazing really and now this stuff is my new favourite product.

These are not the only 2 products available, there are lots for babies, kids and mums as well.  If only I had know about the Room and Linen Spray when my toddler had trouble sleeping when he was a baby, I might not have had as much trouble.

I also love the sound of  Bye Bye Bugz spray, Baby Lotion with SPF 15+, “Breathe Naturally” Chest and Nose Relief Balm and all the great stuff for mums. What a great range!

The Baby Concepts range is available online here and also some retailers stock them so you can find them here.

And for the fun part! Olivia has kindly offered one each of the products I tested for you lovely readers! Oh yes, isn’t that nice?


  • Items for giveaway is one 250 ml Baby Concepts Gentle Hair and Body Wash ($16.95) and one  50 grams Baby Concepts Barrier Cream ($13.95)
  • To enter giveaway simply leave a comment here.
  • One entry per person
  • Giveaway ends next Saturday night 21st May 2011
  • Open to Australian postal addresses only

Good Luck


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