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Gluten Free Menu Plan

November 13, 2012

I am back with a menu plan this week. It isn’t that different that my usual but I thought I should take the time to share as someone out there may need the inspiration, especially as I have gluten free meal ideas as well as simple, quick and easy meals. Nothing fancy here folks!

Weekly Menu Plan

Monday – Taco’s. Seriously, taco’s is such an easy meal to prepare. Plus it’s healthy as I put grated carrot and zucchini in the meat sauce plus the tomato, greek yoghurt and low fat grated grated cheese. The kids love it as it’s fun to eat.

To make Gluten Free: I make my own bean filling with tin red kidney beans, tin of tomatoes, grated carrot, grated zucchini, chopped red capsicum and cook all together. I then scoop this into the bottom of taco shells, add lettuce, tomatoes, 0% greek yoghurt, low fat grated cheese and avocado.

Tuesday – Gluten Free Pasta Bake. Really simple and doing it the cheats way. Gluten Free Pasta with Leggo’s Pasta Sauce, topped with grated cheese and baked. The boys will have garlic bread with theirs too. (gluten free garlic bread is just too expensive to buy or even make your own)

WednesdayGluten Free Tuna Burgers with sweet potato fries and mixed salad

Thursday – the boys will have Corned Beef done in the slow cooker while I will have Roasted Vegetable Bake. I add a tin of chickpeas to bump up the protein factor for me.

Friday – I’ll keep the slow cooker out and make the boys Salsa Chicken. I’ll serve that with rice and also make a simple gluten free Vegetable Curry for me. I cut a stack of vegetables and use a red curry paste with coconut evapourated milk.

Saturday – Lemon Tuna Pasta. Gluten free pasta tossed with tin tuna, 0% fat greek yoghurt (Chobani is a good one), and juice of a lemon.

Sunday – Simple Supper Night which usually means leftovers or ‘Bitsa’ meal. ‘Bits of this’ and ‘Bits of that’

I am back to linking with Org Junkie and her Menu Plan Monday‘s.

Have you got a busy week planned?

  1. Mary Preston
    November 15, 2012 at 12:27 pm

    I’m ALWAYS looking for ideas.

    • nellbe
      November 20, 2012 at 1:01 pm

      Thanks Mary!

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