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My Weekly Menu Plan with Gluten Free Ideas

December 19, 2011

So, less than a week until Christmas. Hmmm… the tired mummy in me wishes the end of the year would hurry up and get here as I am a little sick of being cranky as well as looking after tired and cranky kids. The sentimentalist in me is enjoying the lead up and really am enjoying the choosing of gifts and menu for the big day.

I do know that the school year has draaagggeeeeddd out for sure and the school year finishing 3 days before Christmas is crazy and not the best for all concerned including the poor teachers! 2012 is no better, the school ends 4 days before Christmas. Why oh why?

Anyway, please excuse the side rant and let me get on with my menu plan for the week

Weekly Menu Plan

MondayGluten Free Tuna and Potato Bake

TuesdaySlow Cooker Risotto – use a gluten free stock and you are good to go. I also pop some pumpkin in and it is super delicious

Wednesday – Herb Chicken Drumsticks and noodles

ThursdayGluten Free Risotto Cakes – please check that link out, amazing gluten free blog

Friday – Homemade Fish and Wedges

Saturday – Simple Supper Night

SundayChristmas Day! Merry Christmas!

Linking up with Org Junkie and Menu Plan Monday. I’m not doing a meal plan now until the New Year for obvious reasons!

Have a fantastic week.



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